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Chennai ITB Testers Monthly Meet – 3

Chennai Testers Monthly Meet – 3

The Chennai TMM-3 took place on June 11 2011 in the Collabnet premises with an overwhelming response of close to 45 participants.

The following was the agenda:




Registration + Introductions Krishnaveni
Welcome Speech Anand Mahadevan , QA Manager – Collabnet
Mobile Application Testing Kavitha Ramakrishnan – Virtusa
Tea Break
Blue Tooth Mobile Application Testing Raja
Mobile computing & Test Automation Anand Sathiyaseelan – AVAcorp Technologies Ltd
Problem on the table All
Closing Comments Krishnaveni
Lunch and Networking All Present

The event was kicked off with a welcome note from Mr. Anand Mahadevan, QA Manager of Collabnet.

Mr. Anand emphasized and encouraged the importance of such meetups.

The theme for TMM3 was ‘Mobile Testing’ .

The first speaker for the event was Kavitha Ramakrishnan from Virtusa who gave insights on Mobile Testing. This talk was followed by the presentation on ‘Bluetooth Mobile Testing’ by Raja. The last presentation was on ‘Mobile Computing and Test Automation’ by Anand Sathiyaseelan from AVA Corp.

The audience got good information pertaining to various concepts in Mobile Testing.

The highlight of the event was the presence of Pradeep Soundararajan and Ajay Balamurugadas.

The thoughts put forth by both of them  made the session a very interactive one and the audience just loved it.

The Chennai testers also had the privilege of having Parvesh from the ISTQB Board who was present to address the clarifications regarding the ISTQB Certification.

The ‘Problem on the Table’ session had the following problems

–          Why Selenium is getting increasing popularity compared to QTP

–          What is the method to automate the different graphs appearing in a report

The audience helped to address the above problems and the problem owners seemed to be benefitted a lot out of it.

Apart from the ‘Problem on the Table’ session, we had an Open House. The audience were thrilled to have Pradeep Soundararajan and Ajay Balamurugadas in the meet. They were inquisitive to ask them a few questions. Pradeep Soundararajan and Ajay Balamurugadas willingly answered them.

The TMM event seems to gain increasing popularity since the crowd was larger in number compared to the earlier Meet Up.  The testers are very much awaiting to be present in the next Meet Up. This was very much evident when one person asked the timeline where in the tickets for the next event would be available for booking.

With this the event came to end followed by a fabulous lunch.

Thanks to ITB for conducting this event and special thanks to RIA-RUI for supporting this event.


Society for Rich Internet Application – Rich User Interface is a not for profit organization promoting congregation of ideas & knowledge in the field of RIA and RUI. The society is working hard to bring high quality technical events to India by partnering with local and international organizations. We will continue our efforts to bring several world class events to India customized for the benefit of the local technical community and students.

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ITB Chennai Testers Monthly Meet – 2

ITB Chennai Testers Monthly Meet – 2

After many long threads of e-mails between Mohnesh, Murali, Sathish and me (Bharath), we had things ready for the ITB Chennai Testers Monthly Meet – 2.  The event happened on May 21st 2011 in Virtusa. The best part was that the event was fully booked two weeks before the actual date.

After a tight security check, people were allowed inside the venue and Virtusa was kind enough to provide everyone with a notepad and a pen. The event started with an introduction about ITB and RIA-RUI which is the supporting partner for ITB Chennai.

The welcome speech was given by Mr.Suresh Srinivas, Testing Head of Virtusa. He enlightened the participants on the mindset of testers and the current trend in testing and also how testers should equip themselves to be in demand in the testing market.

The first presentation was given by Praveen Srinivas from Virtusa who spoke on the topic “Understanding Restful Services and Testing“. This session was very interactive from the very beginning and everyone felt they gained a lot of information from this session. Praveen gave information about SOS, SOAP and various other open source and commercial services that can be used for web testing.

After the first presentation, the participants were briefed about  “Problem on the table” which they felt excited about and people were asked to submit their ticket for “Raffles” in which RIA-RUI promised to give 3 Bug deBug T-shirts for the lucky winners.

The next presentation was on the topic “Agile in Action” by Anvesh from Collabnet. Anvesh compared the traditional waterfall and the agile process and briefed about the advantages and disadvantages in each of them. Discussion on this topic post presentation was really good where the participants spoke on how agile process is more beneficial in a product based company than a service based company as the service based organization has to show the client a lot of different information in order to please the client and hence has to involve in many reports and documentation.

The next presentation was by Krishnaveni from Virtusa on the topic “Testers and Networking“. After this presentation, many came to know about the existence of Chennai testers group and Weekend testing which provided a learning ground for many testers and also an opportunity to meet renowned testers across the globe. Participants were open enough to admit that they thought testing was only what they had been doing in the office day in day out.

All the participants appreciated the initiative by ITB and thanked the organizers for conducting such an event in Chennai and showed their willingness to participate in all the ITB Chennai Testers Meet going forward. All the speakers in this event were gifted with a Parker Beta by ITB as a token of gratitude for showing their interest to participate in the event. As promised RIA-RUI gave away three Bug debug T-shirts for the three raffle winners.

The next was the most awaited and interesting “Problem on the table” session where four problems where posted.The problems where:

 1. Tools useful for mobile testing

2. A technical issue in QTP

3. How to say ‘NO to your superiors

4. About Testing Certifications

All the participants managed to help each other and tried to solve the problems. Those who were not able to solve the issue where asked to post the same on the Chennai Testing Group.

The session ended with distributing Parker Beta pens to the participants who presented their problems in the “Problem on the table” session. This method of awarding the participants who came forward to share their issues during this session encouraged other participants to take part too.

After the closing ceremony all the participants took this opportunity to network and know each other and share as much information as possible. This exciting event showed how important networking was for every profession and showed a better path for learning more efficiently. All the participants left the venue promising to return back with their colleagues for the next event.

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Why this blog for Chennai testers

Hi All

Welcome to the blog space of Chennai Testers, This Blog is dedicated to Testers across the world and will have information on

1. Conference which is going to happen in Chennai and which has happened in Chennai.

2. Experience of conference by various members and what they feel can add value to the conference and to the participants.

3. workshops happening in Chennai and which has happened in Chennai.

4. Experience of the workshop by various members and what they feel can add value to the workshop and to the participants.

5. Updates about testing events conducted by RIA-RUI

6. Updates about ITB Chennai Chapters Monthly meet up happening in Chennai and if possible experience report about the meeting

7. Testing competitions in facebook page of Bug deBug

8. Mentions about Prize winners and Super Star tester of Chennai Testing User Group

9. Finally Other updates related to testing.

P.SA – Anyone is welcome to join and blog in this space. You just need to ping the moderator of this blog.



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